What are the Best Schooling Options for Your Child

As you get set to welcome your first child, you know there are several things you need to decide to ensure they have all the advantages they deserve. One of

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Experts Share Their Best Sensory Activities For Children With Autism

It is extremely common for children with autism spectrum disorders to suffer from sensory dysfunction or difficulties. Parents and schools for children with learning disabilities, however, are also catching on

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The Top Three Things You Didn’t Know About the Tattoo Industry

Tattoos conjure up a stereotypical image for many people, but oftentimes those images are incorrect. People seldom have tattoo education about what it takes to learn to tattoo in tattoo

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Is Hillary Clinton Posing On The Cover of People Magazine With a Walker?

What is conservatives latest ploy? Republicans are, once again, questioning Hillary Clinton’s age and health, claiming that she is posing on the cover of People magazine with a walker. It’s

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