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Is your child highly intelligent but has difficult communicating and relating you and other children? Do certain environments such as noisy, crowded areas prove to be too over stimulating for them and cause them stress? Do you find that your child has difficult expressing their emotions or has anxiety over social situations? Are certain methods of learning easier or better for child than others? Has your child been diagnosed with a learning disability? Does your child have certain physical characteristics or symptoms such as dark, baggy eyes that have been linked to autism?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then your child may fall on the broad spectrum that is autism. Even though autism awareness had dramatically increased over the course of the last few decades, plenty of confusion, stereotypes, and misinformation surround this mysterious yet common mental and physical ailment.

So what is autism?

According to the popular website, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are terms used to describe a moderate to severe mental condition and developmental disorder characterized by difficult communicating, forming and maintaining relationships, and processing abstract concepts. These are the most common signs of autism which can be used to find the best resources and help for children with autism as well as children with learning disabilities.

Unfortunately, fear, social stigmas, and sheer ignorance has unfairly and unjustly stereotype working with learning disabilities such as autism as difficult if not impossible. Yet several schools for autism, especially those schools for children with autism, are diligently working towards shattering this crude belief. Schools for children with autism strive to educate and empower those with autism while educating the public as well. This helps to dispel and dismiss negative associations that are often pinned on those with autism and those close to them

Does your child have autism or do you suspect they might fall somewhere on the autism spectrum? If so, don’t hesitate to learn more about schools for children with autism and how they can help you and your child look forward to a better and brighter future.

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