The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. — B.B. King

bio2Education is important and the United States promotes continuing your education in pursuit of attaining a B.S. degree, B.A. degree, master’s degree, etc. People across the world value education. However, in some countries it isn’t easy to learn in school because there are overcrowded classes, not enough teachers, and it takes a long time for students to commute to school. In some areas of the U.S., there aren’t enough teachers at a school and there are overcrowded classes too; however, some people might say that the U.S.’s learning conditions might be of no comparison to the conditions that are seen in some other countries. No matter if you’re 5 years old or even 85 years old, you should be learning.

You don’t have to be in school to learn (i.e. you can look up information on your computer in the comfort of your home). There are a number of ways that you can learn; for example, you can learn by reading books, using online databases, or you can even go to the library to read or checkout a book. My name is Lewis Hopkins and I love learning! Ever since I can remember, English and history were my favorite subjects to study in school. In high school, I took a number of AP level history classes, such as AP U.S. History and World History, and I also took AP English classes, which I found to be very interesting.

I was and still am very fascinated by the United States’ culture and other cultures too. I created this website to share my insights on learning and education. My inspiration for this website came from my love for education, history, and the educational systems in the U.S. and worldwide. I took a number of English and history classes in college, which I enjoyed, and I plan to share everything that I’ve learned in school and outside of school with you.

It’s important that you continue learning and studying what you’re passionate about, whether it’s history, political science, English, etc. You shouldn’t let anyone get in the way of you trying to learn new information and/or skills! Make sure to set some time aside in your daily schedule to sit down with a book or your computer to research and read articles about a specific topic or discipline of study, such as European history, American history, etc. You should never stop trying to learn more information, especially if you’re interested in finding more information that can help you at your current job or information that can give you the tools to get your dream job. Follow my website for updates on education, history, and learning. My goal is to help you on your pathway to a happy and bright future, which starts with learning about the importance of continuing your education.

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