Have you ever paused for a moment before hitting the “search” button on Google and thought, “Wait a minute. how does it know all of this stuff?” The expanse of Google itself is both extraordinary and somewhat terrifying. It’s like you have the whole world at your fingertips, but where does it all come from? How does my keyboard suddenly bring up thousands of informative websites? This video from Google themselves gives an inside look at one of their “data centers.”

The server is the heart of Google itself. Rows and rows and rows with thousands of servers fill the Google data center.

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The executives at Google narrate the process of a bit of information entering the facility and then it returning to the searcher. Every once in a while, a server is switched out for a new one. The whole facility is like the powerhouse of the internet itself. The employees who work at this data center have gone on to write books on information safety and security, and the Google data center continues to tend to every one of our searching needs.


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