We demonstrate a comprehensive outdoor ac installation in this video.

The refrigerant recovery machine is used to extract all of the refrigerants from an existing air conditioner. It is recycled and returned to the recycler section of the system.

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The electrical disconnect and whip on the outside of the house are also being replaced as part of the installation.

Measurements are done because there are code restrictions for where that pad can be put for serviceability to both the mechanical and electrical parts of the machine. We bring many buckets of ab3 outside and reset the pad.

The refrigerant lines are then connected to the unit, and you’ll note that all copper lines have sharp elbows bent in them. In everything we do, we use tube benders. Then we use sill floss to replace the disconnect and do high-temperature brazing on the copper lines.
After we completely evacuated the system before recharging it with fresh new refrigerant in the new air conditioner. The high and low voltages are then joined to the air conditioner. Then we start purging the lines, which is done by pressurizing them with dry nitrogen.

We often say that the day a new air conditioner is installed is the most significant day in its life. The ac installation process must be completed correctly the first time to ensure your outdoor air conditioner’s continued top performance.

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