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If you’re going to study for ACTs, then you’re obviously going to need a few things, like ACT test prep books for example. If you’re going to make good, efficient use of your time as you study for ACTs, you’re going to need a bit more than just the studying materials.

Brain Food.

Just as your body needs fuel, so does your brain. Studying eats up a lot of mental energy, especially when the subject is as interesting as watching paint dry. While you study for ACTs, be sure to snack on blueberries, nuts, seeds, avocados, and dark chocolate. Wash it down with coffee, tea, or pomegranate juice, which have also been shown to boost brain power, too.

A Timer.

Believe it or not, you’re going to need a timer. The brain has a limit to how long it can be focused, which is about 30 minutes. If you continue to study past that time, you won’t be able to retain as much information. Set a timer to go off in 30 minutes as you begin studying, and when it does, take a 10 minute break. Check Facebook, read a BuzzFeed, or do something to take your mind off of it. Then, get back to it and study for ACTs for another half hour.

Plenty of Rest.

The reason you need to get plenty of rest to study for ACTs isn’t just because it’s tough to study when you’re tired, but also because sleep plays an important role in the creation of memories. When you rest, your brain reformats memories, cementing them in your mind so that you can recall them later. Without enough sleep, your brain won’t be able to remember all the new info you learned.

If you’re going to do your college test prep review properly, you’re going to need more than just a slew of ACT study questions. You need to have brain food to fuel, a timer to make sure you get things done on schedule, and plenty of rest.

If you know of any other things you might need as you study for ACTs, feel free to share in the comments. Helpful links.

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