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A child’s birthday party is a memorable event that will stay with them for the rest of their life. It’s important to plan a fun and safe activity that focuses on the birthday boy or girl while being inclusive of all the invited guests. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that young children get exercise through age appropriate activities, like playgrounds and dance classes, and these venues are also great places for birthday parties for kids. The CDC also reports that children should participate in aerobic activities at least three times a week, and a children’s party is a great opportunity to get kids moving. There are lots of places to have birthday parties for kids, and any parent who is wondering what the options are should keep reading to learn about some fun activities for children’s parties that encourage exercise and physical activity.

    1. An outdoor park
    A public park is the perfect place to host fun events like a relay race or a treasure hunt. These activities encourage teamwork, which builds social skills, and encourages kids to get active and move around. Parents can help design an original relay race for the birthday girl or boy, or the kids can go on a fun treasure hunt based on their favorite children’s movie or book.

    2. A dance studio
    A child who loves to dance can share their passion with friends by renting a dance studio for a party. Dance classes for children are a great opportunity for any kid to show off their talent, and guests will appreciate the chance to have a fun instructional lesson.

    3. A famous sports arena
    Any child who loves playing sports will think it’s awesome to have the chance to play a game of baseball or soccer in the same location as the pros. If you’re going all out, you might even want to find a local professional athlete to host the party.

    4. An ice skating rink
    Whether your kid loves hockey or figure skating, this is one of the best places for birthday parties for kids who are celebrating in the winter. If some of the guests don’t know how to skate, you might want to plan for a instructor to attend and supervise anyone who’s a beginner.

    5. A backyard pool
    This is sure to be a hit with any kid, because splashing around in the pool is a fun, active and social activity. Parents will have fun too because they will have a chance to cool off during a relaxed summer party.

    6. An amusement park
    This is a fun choice that keeps kids walking around and gives them a chance to explore a new environment. Amusement parks can be busy and sometimes chaotic, so make sure to plan by bringing enough chaperones.

    7. A climbing gym
    Kids who are active and enjoy trying new activities will have lots of fun getting hooked into a harness and climbing up an indoor wall of rocks. This is a great chance to introduce guests to a new activity, and your child will enjoy the unique and appealing aspects of celebrating their birthday at a climbing center.

Do you have any ideas about the best places for birthday parties for kids? What are some cheap party places for kids birthdays that you would recommend to someone who is planning an event on a budget? If you have any advice, please share your thoughts in a comment below.

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