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Every parent wants their child to have the best education possible, including access to all kinds of resources and materials that will help them grow and develop their interests. A solid high school education is likely the single most important factor in launching the rest of their young adult lives. But is a private high school really worth it?

Before you make the decision, go over some of the pros and cons. Ideally, you should include your child in the conversation, too.

Private School: Pros

Most private schools have a reputation for better educational quality and opportunities than public schools, and with good reason. They may have the funds for a more comprehensive school library, an honors program for high-achieving students, or more experienced faculty and staff.
Class sizes are often also smaller in private high schools, with a 12.5:1 student ratio compared to a 15.4:1 ratio in public schools. That means your child will likely get more individualized attention in whatever subject area they need.

Private School: Cons

Obviously, the cost of private high school is what most often deters parents. But even if money is no objective or you can secure a scholarship for your child, there are still other factors to consider.
What will your child’s new social life be like? Will they have to abandon friends they’ve made in middle school? Will new friends at private school live far away, making it difficult to spend time together outside of the classroom? While these may not necessarily be the deciding factors, it’s important to have a conversation about the social aspects of private versus public school, too.

For many people, the benefits of private school often outweigh the costs, both financially and socially, especially if you want to prepare your child for a bright future. The National Center for Education Statistics shows that 88% of private high school students apply for college, compared to only 57% of public school students.

If a future beyond the classroom is what you’re after, private high school may be the ticket your child needs for success. A solid educational foundation is the key to a fulfilling adult life, no matter their passions.

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