Finding a pa daycare

Raising children and working a full time job can be overwhelming and difficult. You may feel guilty for leaving your child in a daycare for many hours of the day. You may worry about their care in the daycare center. You may struggle with the payments, with daycare often costing close to a full time jobs pay. Full time working parents do not have many options when it comes to day care, but more and more businesses are offering childcare at work in an effort to attract high quality employees with children. An early learning center for children in the workplace provides many benefits to parents.

Convenient drop off and pick up.

Parents may have to brave traffic and long commutes to drop off and pick up their children for daycare. Some daycare centers have limited hours, sometimes requiring working parents to leave early or be late to work. Childcare in the workplace is beneficial because the child can be dropped off en route to the office. Most workplace daycares also follow the building?s office hours, making it easier to plan drop off and pick up times.

Parents are nearby for any emergencies.

Most parents have received that call from their child?s school. They are sick, running a fever, and need to be picked up. Nothing makes a parent panic more than hearing that their child is sick or injured. If the daycare center is far away, the parent is forced to leave work and rush to there. If the childcare resources, however, are in the same building, the parent can reach their child quicker.

Drop in visits.

Most parents get a lunch break and may also have other down time at work. The breaks are generally not very long, but if the child?s daycare is located in the same building as the office, parents can stop and visit their child often. They can even schedule to have lunch with them. Parents can even participate in the child?s activities for children in the workplace. On average, a 4 year old child asks 437 questions a day. This convenience allows more parents to be involved in their child?s daycare and be a part of these questions.

Monitor child?s safety and activities.

Many parents are worried about the safety and the amount of care that their child will receive in daycare. It can be difficult to accurately gauge these things when the daycare is far away. However, if the early learning center for children is in the same building, parents have the ability to make frequent stop bys, allowing them to interact with their child?s teachers and care takers. Parents can get a better idea of how their child is adjusting to the daycare program.

Great for special needs children.

Some parents may worry about the special needs of their children. This could include allergies, special medication requirements, or learning disabilities. Most parents feel more comfortable with the care of their special needs child when they are located in the same building. The closeness of the daycare center allows teaching professionals easier access to information from the parents.

Often cheaper than traditional daycare.

Corporate daycare centers are often much more cost effective that a traditional daycare center. The high costs of daycare prevent many parents from working full time jobs. The cost of putting two children in child care exceeds the median annual rent payments in every state, according to a report by Child Care Aware of America. Many early learning center for children daycares in the workplace provide employees with discounts. Corporate businesses find benefit in increased retention, higher productivity, and reduced absenteeism.

There are not very many cost effective childcare options for working parents. In fact, many parents choose to remain home with the children, because it usually makes more sense financially. However, more early learning center for children are showing up inside of corporate offices. The in office daycare set up benefits both the parents and the business. It provides a level of convenience that encourages high value employees to work and remain at the business.

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