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It is estimated that, as from 2012-2022, the number of hairdressers, hair stylists, and cosmetologist career opportunities is expected to rise by 13%. This is a clear indication of the impacts of the beauty industry. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend in the number of people who wants to study and learn the creative side of cosmetology and it’s in the aspect of looking good and feeling good that there are so many people wanting to venture into this.

What is cosmetology?
This is the study and mastering the application of beauty treatment. It’s an art by itself as it involves different phases of beauty such as hairdressing, cosmetics, massage therapy, manicures, and pedicures.

However, the alluring effect of the beauty industry, more so cosmetology has greatly misled people in making unthoughtful decisions. People don’t understand that Cosmetology just like any other career has its fair share of pressure and demand. Therefore it is important to have a clear mind on what exactly you want to learn from cosmetology since it’s a broad segment of the beauty industry. With so many beauty schools, finding the right one is very important.

Cosmetology classes involve a whole lot of elements, programs, and courses. One should get to know the specifics and choose the best that suits him or her.

What are some of the esthetician programs and topics in cosmetology classes?

As earlier mentioned, this is one broad segment in the art of beauty. Cosmetology involves both theoretical and applicable concepts with programs such as practical infection control, sterilization, and monitoring, aseptic technique, chemical disinfectants, infectious diseases and first aid. As students are expected to interact with human bodies in their course of work, it is vital they learn the safe practices of Cosmetology which lies in bacteriology and infection control.

Cosmetology classes will include learning the basics of hair maturity and different procedures used to remove facial and body hair such as laser hair removal, permanent hair removal, pulse light, and photo-epilation. But not many beauty schools offer training on permanent hair removal procedures. The cosmetology program will cover facial and makeup under and the variety the variety of techniques used in modern Makeup artistry. Courses such as barbering, beauty therapy, and hair styling are part of cosmetology package. Pedicure and manicure in nail classes are possible with students expected to learn all areas covering nail handling and customer service.

In addition, students get to learn how to handle and use different beauty products and cosmological equipment . This will equip a student with a set of skills that can be applied to offer safe and quality service to a client. Also, by learning the use of different beauty products, students will be taken through a series of topics focusing on their decorum. These topics include proper handling and preparation of a client for a procedure, safe working area, performance analysis of cosmetology equipment and products.

What are some of the career opportunities for cosmetologists?

After you’ve undergone the cosmetology program, you are now equipped to work in various beauty sectors such as beauty salon, beauty supply administrator, platform artists, makeup artist, cosmetology professor, hairdresser and stylist, beauty consultant among other.

Choose a cosmetology school that offers hands-on training on different courses. This will greatly boost your confidence in dealing with any type of therapeutic service.

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