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Private schools have a reputation of being the most beneficial for a young person?s education. Many parents believe it will strengthen their child?s chances of getting into an ivy league school, and thereby strengthen their career prospects. Other parents like the values that are taught by private schools, such as more of a focus on education with less on sports or similar pursuits. Here are four reasons why parents should consider the benefits of private school when making choices about the education of their child, and what will benefit them most.

Private Schools Have Fewer Students, Meaning More Individual Time for Each Child

Because most private schools have roughly around 300 students or less, there is more time for teachers to focus on the needs of the child. No matter if it is preschool or high school, this is something all children benefit from. The teachers can work with them on individual issues, such as a concept they are struggling to learn, and the child does not need to seek outside help from a tutor or other similar resources. Private schools usually have about 12 students for each teacher, in comparison with public schools where the ratio is 15.:1.

Private Schools Create a Safer Environment for Students

Because of the emphasis placed on education and the smaller size and number of students enrolled, private schools are naturally safer than their public counterparts. The Fraser Institute conducted a study in 2007 and found that 72% of parents strongly believed that their child and school were safe. Private schools can also be choosy about their students, only accepting certain ones that meet various academic criteria, for example. Other private schools may be affiliated with certain belief systems that naturally attract peaceful students, making the program beneficial for all who attend, and another reason parents consider the benefits of private school.

Private Schools Make Academics First and Foremost

Although private schools at both the middle school and high school level do offer sports, their main concern is academics. Both teachers and administration strive to make this something that is forefront when working with students, whereas public schools may concern themselves with sports. Private schools often have an honors program, and offer similar benefits that their public counterparts do. This includes a school library, programs that allow the student to explore interests, and even classes or summer camps that take place for a week or two, and provide new material for the student to learn. 80% of parents who were surveyed stated that they were pleased with the academic standards being held in their child?s school. Truthfully, the importance that academics takes in these school systems is why many parents believe the benefits of private school is most important for their children.

Many Students Who Take Part in Private Education Go on to Further Their Academic Career

For students who have studied within a private school, going on to college and graduate school is often not even given a second thought, as they have a general tendency to continue learning and furthering their scholastic career. At least 64% of students attended a 4-year college after graduation from private high school, out of a class of 305,842. Of course, some students may have decided to take a year off to travel and broaden their horizons, but this does not mean that they don?t continue with the education at a later point and time. Private schools give students more resources and attention when it comes to learning, and this life-long love cultivated by the school continues on when the student is willing to invest in themselves.

There are several reasons many parents would consider the benefits of private school. These include teachers giving more one-on-one time with each child in their classroom, safer environments for students that some public schools cannot provide, and making sure academics are always the first task on hand concentrated on during the student?s school career. Many students also have the drive and desire to further their education at the college and graduate level, giving them more options when choosing a career path. These factors alone make private school a worthwhile investment for any family.

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