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Although many schools are in their holiday break, school programs will resume in the new year. It you have been considering going back to school, you still have time to enroll in the winter schedule. Obtaining a college degree provides many benefits to the student. Some majors and programs increase specific skill sets in individuals, thus increasing their chances of landing a successful career. If you are still hesitant about finally enrolling in those college courses, consider the following advantageous benefits of a college degree.

Increase job competitiveness and pay One of the biggest reasons that some people choose to attend college is to land a specific type of job. Some jobs, such as medical professionals, nurses, and attorneys require a degree to work in the industry. However, even the fields that do not require a degree, it can be beneficial to have one. The college degree will make you more competitive against other job applicants. The fact that you completed a college degree will only be in your favor.

Considering that a college degree increases your chances of landing that desired job, you are also more likely to see a significant pay increase. In a 2012 Pew Research report, workers with at least a Bachelor?s degree has median annual earnings of $45,500, well over the medians for people with only some college ($30,000) or a high school diploma ($28,000). The higher level of an education that you complete translates into your annual earnings.

Increase desirable skills Most college programs encourage its students to think more openly. While 11% of college graduates major in history, you are likely to see advancement and increase in highly desirable skills. You will find that, regardless of your major area of study, that employers have a greater demand for the skills you learned in college. A few of these skills include effective communication methods, management skills, interpersonal skills, and a psychology study of different types of employees.

Many of these skills are highly desirable at the management level. Most employers look for either previous experience in a management role or a college education that improved upon their effective communication and interpersonal skills. A graduate with a Masters degree in communication, for example, will find that many of their learned skills transfer to other types of positions.

More job openings The country goes through tough economic times, which often results in high unemployment rates. When these rates increase and many are losing their jobs, it is those with experience and those with college educations that are landing the open positions. Protect your employment future with a college degree. Obtaining a Masters degree can make you even more competitive, as your effective communication skills are expected to be highly evolved. Approximately 83% of all college attendees say earning their degree has paid off.

More earnings over your lifetime Obtaining a college degree not only increases your beginning salary, but it also increases the rate at which you receive raises and how quickly you will make more money. For example, English majors with only bachelor?s degrees report average starting salaries of $36,200 and mid career salaries of $63,500. Even students and graduates of an interdisciplinary studies degree program will find that when they do cap out wage wise, it will be much more than they would have capped out at, without a college education.

Choosing to go back to school after high school graduation can be a difficult decision. You will have to sacrifice a few years of your life, with grueling study and exam schedules. You will have to pay or take out loans for the education. However, a large percentage of people who obtain college degrees find that they are satisfied with them. They are more competitive for open jobs, better suited and prepared for management positions, contain more desirable skills, like effective communication skills, and make more over their lifetime than someone who never graduated from college.

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