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Many parents with young children tend to strive for the best care for them, especially in their beginning stages. However, with the rising rate of both parents in the work force, the decision of where to send children while at work is commonly made, and many parents try their hardest to provide the most useful care for their children while they are unavailable. Multiple parents in the workforce struggle with how to find a daycare. Early child care is crucial to the formation of the lives of children, and it makes sense that a great number of parents stress over such situations and arrangements. How to find a daycare in a corporate setting can be especially difficult as well. However, corporate daycare facilities are a big step forward for many companies to take.

Given the maternity leave rates in the United States, parents are forced to immediately stress about choosing child care, especially when both parents must work as soon as possible after childbirth. Finding a daycare, however, would not have to be so hard if more companies looked into implementing corporate childcare practices.

Corporate daycare facilities are implemented in a few companies. These facilities are placed in companies for the purpose of closeness between parents and their children during the work day, with the facilities being on-site. In addition, such facilities are paid for by the companies in which they are placed. For many parents who must work and simultaneously care for children, corporate daycares are convenient and effective. Usually staffed independently with their own employees, these daycares are placed within workplaces, giving parents easier access to their children.

In addition to benefiting children through parental proximity, corporate day care providers prove to be positive for parents in the work force. Onsite childcare in the workplace has led to higher overall performance of working parents in the areas that employ this onsite care. It may also reduce the amount of time needed for maternity leaves.

Working Mother Magazine’s list of “Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers” provides information on many companies that provide on-site day care, and may give sufficient leads to parents on how to find a daycare in relation to their areas of work. Finding some type of on-site day care may also prove to be more beneficial to children than finding multiple daycare arrangements, which may prove to be detrimental to the development of young children. For parents that need to focus on work while taking care of young children, selecting a day care should be a primary focus, and it would be wise to find out what certain companies have to offer in either providing on-site care or teaching how to find a daycare.

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