If you are considering where you want to go after you graduate high school, the number of options available to you can seem overwhelming. However, if you know you want to turn your love of art into an academic pursuit, your choice becomes easy. Art and design colleges across the nation offer a number of great programs to help you follow your dreams.

Here are four of the most exciting and dynamic majors you can pursue at any art and design colleges:

1. 3D computer animation: With a computer animation major, you will learn the ins and outs of one of the most rapidly-growing career fields. With film studios investing more and more into animated films and special effects, the demand for talented animators is high. You will learn how to use top-notch software to create animated graphics and even your own animated films when studying computer animation from art and design colleges.

2. Graphic design: Did you know that the graphic design industry has generated as much as $10 billion in revenue over the years? By studying graphic design at the best art and design colleges, you will be able to create visual content for advertisements, displays and much more. With this major, you’ll be learning the fundamentals of effective design and composition and applying your knowledge to

3. Video game art and design: If you’re a video game fanatic as well as an art aficionado, you should jump at the chance to study at art and design colleges offering video game design majors. With this major, you will combine high mathematic and technological proficiency with your natural artistic talents to create graphics for today’s hottest games.

4. Digital media arts: One of the most versatile majors in the art field, a digital media arts degree can prepare you for any of the above job sectors — and more. With a major in digital media arts at any of the best art and design colleges, you will have a holistic, thorough knowledge of what it takes to succeed in digital media arts jobs anywhere. Read this for more: www.dmac.edu

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