Toronto montessori school

Children grow faster than we want them to. Before we know it, they are walking, talking, and learning new things virtually every day. Once they hit their toddler years, studies show that children pick up at least five new words every week.

For this reason, many parents enroll their children in preschool programs. The advantage of preschool education is that students are exposed to early verbal skills and critical developmental activities that can accelerate their learning. These programs are often catered to the stages of development a toddler goes through. They include multi-sensory toys, games, and movements that foster natural growth.

But in a larger daycare center, these children are not given the one-on-one attention they need. The advantage of preschool education in private setting is that teachers can individualize their curriculum to meet the needs of each child, as the student-teacher ratio is often much lower. The same applies to private elementary schools, as well as private high schools.

Private schools in Toronto and other areas of the country often have the freedom to create a program that is completely student-centered, while public schools usually have to conform to national standards that are based on standardized goals. These differences have often resulted in private versus public schools debates, with public school supporters criticizing private schools for exorbitant tuition costs, and private schools blaming low academic achievement on high student-teacher ratios.

For children at the preschool level, however, the foundation that private schools can offer could be the best way for children to reach important developmental milestones. They are given the right tools to explore their natural interests, and also given freedom to express themselves in their own way. Without a cut and dry program to strictly follow, creativity is encouraged in these programs, and could consequently even help these children develop higher self-esteem.

So if you are thinking of sending your child to preschool, consider a private setting. There are private school grants and scholarships that can help subsidize the cost, so don’t be to worried about the money. These schools could provide the right start for your child’s educational career.

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