We never know when it’s going to happen to us: When a loved one is going to start choking in front of our very eyes when a small fire could be extinguished before it turns into a bigger one. Everyone should know these basic tools that could lead to saving a life if used correctly, especially in the event of an emergency. Many people do not know that taking one simple basic life support class could help save a life in the blink of an eye.

How First Aid Training Can Save Lives

Saving a life starts with the first responders who arrive at the scene to help. You might think that allowing EMS services to come to the scene of the incident will help the person in need because they are in need of professional assistance. However, it is known that if a bystander does not perform CPR, their chances of surviving will decrease by 7% every minute that goes by. This is why it is important to know how to get the process started by taking a CPR class.

CPR is an essential life-saving technique. It aids in maintaining vital flows of blood to the brain and the heart. It can also increase the electric shock that is provided through a defibrillator, which can make the process more effective. Many places in public have AEDs on-site, which can reduce the time of the first shock all the way down to 3.3 minutes and possibly get somebody the life-saving help they need more quickly.

CPR classes are a basic life support class that can teach an individual what they need to know when an unexpected emergency happens that they are typically not prepared for. Approximately 350,000 cardiac arrest events take place outside of a hospital setting each year, which means that some of these lives can be saved and deaths can be reduced when individuals understand how to act in a fast manner.

CPR training is extremely essential to help those who have been involved in car accidents, who have been struck with force in other types of accidents, or who might not know that they have a life-threatening health condition and fall ill, in desperate need of emergency care. Having a basic life support class can save a life in more ways than one and many people should consider taking one so that they could assist those in need at any time.

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