While we have many private schools available in the United States, about 31,000, there is also the availability of progressive schools dating back to the 19th century. These two forms of advanced education are not quite the same, though both provide advanced benefits for children moving on toward the university from secondary school. Just like the private schools educating over five million students of all ages, progressive schools around the United States and Europe work to prepare students extremely well for the classes they will see in college.

About Private Schools and Progressive Schools

Most American private schools are affiliated with the church, though progressive schools are not. Progressive schools are more developed within a specific educational preference and direction toward the university. While they have been around since the early 19th century in Europe, there is much to gain from the advanced education that these schools are able to provide. Many of their benefits are similar to private schools, with better educational benefits, standard test scores, college admission, and scholarships. Tuition to either of these schools may be about the same, but it is helpful in order to gain the highest quality education that students receive. With smaller class counts there is often better attention and focus in the classroom, as well as reports from teachers that students have better focus and complete better work outside the classroom.

Private Preschools and Nursery Schools

Choosing a preschool or nursery school can be difficult, especially if it is the first time that your child will be spending full days outside the house. Often, a private preschool may be able to provide a good stepping stone for your child into the school system. The private nursery school can do the same. However, preschool and nursery school admissions may be a key point to evaluate, especially if they are private and the tuition may be an item of concern. However, if you are able to find one with quality services, you may be able to save up to enter one of any progressive schools in your area. Especially if you are looking for progressive schools in New York or other modern areas, you have the ability to gain an education that leads your child into college.

About a quarter of American schools are private, while there are also many progressive schools, offering a number of quality educational benefits to many students across the country. These include private preschools, elementary schools, and high schools, with the availability of smaller class sizes, better attention from the teacher, and improved student focus in the classroom. Often, with students preparing to go to high school, those in private schools are able to score over the national average on standardized tests like the SAT in order to assist in college admissions and potential scholarships.

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