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Having a child with a learning disability can at times feel overwhelming. Indeed, up to one-third of parents who have a child — or children — with a learning disability feel like they’re not ready to take on the challenge. You want your child to succeed and behavioral issues can make it a challenge for not only your child, but also students and teachers. And, given that almost half of parents who have children with a learning disability say that their child has been bullied — and over 65% say their children have been targeted for bullying more than other children — they may have anxiety about their child having a positive, successful learning experience. However, there are private schools for special needs children, including private Aspergers schools and private autism schools, that can offer a safe and smart environment for children to flourish.

What are Some Concerns for Children With Learning Disabilities?

The bullying mentioned above can be a major issue for many parents. Children can be cruel and despite teacher intervention and management, bullying can still take place. Over 30% of children with learning disabilities were held back a grade and in 2011, half were suspended or expelled from school. Perhaps more worryingly, their academics are suffering.

Only 12-26% of high school students who had learning disabilities got average or above-average scores of math and reading tests, compared to a rate of 50% for children without learning disabilities. And only 10% of students with learning disabilities enroll in a four-year college within two years of graduating high school, compared to almost 30% of students without a learning disability.

Almost 40% of parents with children who have learning disabilities also worry that the school their child is in enrolled in doesn’t effectively test for the learning disability. And given that over 95% of parents believe that the right teaching can make up for a learning disability, that’s concerning. if the school doesn’t test effectively for the disability, the necessary steps to properly educate the child also won’t be taken.

Why Should I Consider a Special Education School?

A special education school, such as private Aspergers schools, is geared toward working with children with learning disabilities. Private Aspergers schools will have the appropriate staff and faculty on hand to work with your child and offer more specialized attention to ensure academic success.

Your child will also get to know and socialize with others who may have the same learning disability. If they felt isolated in their old school because of their disability, they may feel comforted in a special education school, surrounded by their peers who are going through similar difficulties.

Furthermore, a special education school is often smaller than a public school, which means that your child will get the attention and concentration of his or her teachers. If something isn’t working, the curriculum can often be tailored more easily to suit the needs of your child.

What Do These Schools Offer That a Regular Public School Might Not?
Private Aspergers schools or private autism schools offer specialized attention, compassion, understanding, as well as a support system for you, the parent. You’ll meet other parents who have children with learning disabilities and may be able to form a wonderful network of parents and children, who are all devoted to learning and taking care of one another. Similar to your child, you may have also felt isolated from other parents, but a special needs school may offer you connections with other parents that were hard to find elsewhere.

The faculty and staff at a special needs school will also be highly trained and experienced in a specific area and have a variety of teaching styles available in their arsenal to meet the needs of the children they teach. They may also have additional behavioral training to support your child both in and out of the classroom.

If you’re noticing signs that your child isn’t doing well in a regular public school, it might be time to look into special needs schools. After all, your top priority is your child’s safety and education.

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