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It?s a huge milestone when your child graduates from elementary school. Sometimes, as a concerned parent, you might start to feel like the pressure is on to prepare them for college. This is more than understandable. Every year the competition for jobs gets fiercer and more rigorous. One way to give your son or daughter a leg up as they begin the long transition into adulthood is by finding the best private middle schools around. The good news is that new k-12 private school loans bring accessibility to quality education.

You might doubt how much more effective prep schools can be, but a survey of students conducted by The Association of Boarding Schools (ABS) showed that 78% of boarding school students felt prepared for college while only 23% of public school students felt that way. That?s quite the gap. When you consider your son or daughter attending a school that will give them confidence in their years in college, you might start to understand why a private middle school makes sense.

The confidence gained at boarding schools surely has to do with the independent nature, but believe it or not, boarding school students receive twice as much counseling as public school students once they are of high school age. Students themselves report that boarding schools have a supportive environment 25% more often than public schools. Of course, confidence is key to anything in life, but do boarding schools produce tangible results?

That?s really the point of private schools, right? Well the ABS also reports that while 21% of public school students go on to earn advanced degrees, half of boarding school accomplish the same, doubling the results of public schools.

None of this should diminish the hard work that public school professionals put in every day. They are truly amazing. But when you compare the level of preparation that private boarding schools provide for college, there is a big difference. Down the line, your child may measure her or his success in many different ways. Ultimately though, as parents, it is your role to provide the tools for them to find their path and as much opportunity as possible for them to flourish. This journey can start today with the best private middle schools.

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