Stretchers are a common sight on emergency scenes and scenes of accidents. This is due to the frequency someone is injured in a way that prevents them from being able to walk on their own. With this in mind, the concept of a collapsible stretcher is a great idea, both for emergency service workers and injured persons. But in what instances can collapsible stretchers be used?

Collapsibe stretchers are seen across the world and for good reason. Sometimes an injured person is difficult to move.

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Other times, emergency services cannot move them far due to their injuries. If an injured person is suffering from a bad injury, moving them a significant distance can make the injuries worse, and potentially end their life. Collapsible stretchers exist to avoid this exact instance.

Collapsible stretchers are seen on the scene of car accidents, where the person is violently injured and the paramedics wish to avoid injuring them further. In other cases, instances where the patient cannot be moved far due to their large size use collapsible stretchers to make the work easier on everyone.

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