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Tattoos conjure up a stereotypical image for many people, but oftentimes those images are incorrect. People seldom have tattoo education about what it takes to learn to tattoo in tattoo schools or how tattoos actually feature in America. Here are three things you may not know about tattoos to add to your tattoo education:

1. More People Have Tattoos Than You Might Think!

Tattoos are known for being a sign of toughness. If you have a tattoo, you are a rebel, an outsider, and an individual. As it turns out, though, having tattoos may not make you as much of a nonconformist as you might think. About one and a half Americans in every ten have a tattoos, and more than a third of Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty five have one. There is a thriving community of tattoo wearers. It isn’t odd not to have one, but it definitely isn’t strange to sport a little bit of ink!

2. The Tattoo Industry is Booming!

With all the people who are getting tattoos these days, there is certainly a ton of money being made by tattoo parlors. There are more than twenty thousand tattoo parlors in the United States that cumulative generate over one and a half billion dollars in revenue each year. With all that money being made, it’s no wonder people devote their lives to tattoo art!

3. Tattoos are Actually Really Affordable

From the most old school tattoo ideas to the most abstract concepts, people ask for tattoos featuring just about everything. With that massive sum being made by tattoo parlors and how intricate and stylized tattoos can come, you might think they would be quite expensive. That simply isn’t the case! A small tattoo will usually run an American about forty five dollars depending on where they get it. For such a beautiful art form that you can carry with you for years, that is definitely a great value! What do you think about tattoos? More like this article.

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