Jobs in education administration

Jobs in educational administration are the stepping stones towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in higher education. When looking for a job in higher education it is important to know what is an education administrator expected to do in regards to a place of learning. College administration jobs have a wide variety of opportunities for someone looking to teach a specified subject, recruit students, and counsel current students while mentoring them into a career path. The university and college industry in the United States has grown exponentially in the past five years and is expected to continue. The higher education industry has made over $400 billion in revenue annually and continues to be a sought after commodity. Working in higher education has many options that may be considered to contribute to a college or university.

What is an adjunct professor?
An adjunct professor is not a full time employee of an educational institution but instead works on an as needed or by request basis. Adjuncts typically teach one or two classes and often have other full time jobs that allow them to be experts in their field and educate others looking to enter the workforce. Adjuncts are often hired without tenure at the associate professor level and exchange for the lower level of responsibility as compared to full time professors, they experience more flexibility in their personal life and professional life.

What is an education administrator?
An education administrator may have a variety of titles or duties. Education administrators are often highly involved in the recruiting and acceptance process for prospective students. Current students benefit from education administrators through academic advisors, department advisors, and other supportive services.

Individuals looking for a meaningful and important career in the future education of our nations youth should consider higher education positions. Whether its jobs at community colleges or at large universities, the rewards of a career in education administration are many.

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