Preschool spanish curriculum

One of the most frequently voices complaints in middle school and high school is how difficult it is to start learning a foreign language. While many countries require children to start learning a second language before the age of ten, schools in the United States often don’t start teaching second languages until junior high.

Why is learning a second language important?

Learning a second language can not only expand your child’s horizons and help them learn about other cultures around the world, it can help them in day to day life. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries, and according to census reports, is second only to English in terms of most spoken language. With so many people speaking Spanish, it’s only practical to learn as much as possible and be able to communicate with people who may only speak Spanish. The same goes for any other language you or your child may learn as well.

When should a child start learning a second language?

The earlier your child starts learning a second language, the better. Most, if not all, bilingual children learn both of their languages side by side as they grow older. For the first eight years of their lives, children naturally pick up language skills through imitation and repetition. After the age of ten, it becomes more difficult for children to pick up languages, so if you can enroll your child in preschool Spanish lessons, you should.

What kinds of programs are available for children to learn a second language?

An elementary Spanish curriculum is most likely the best place for your child to begin learning a second language. While most preschool Spanish lessons are during school, an elementary school program can continue after school ends and give your child an extra curricular activity to look forward to. If you want to continue your child’s education at home, Spanish story books are a great way to help your child learn the language.

The most important thing to keep in mind when looking at your child’s education is that they’re enjoying what they learn, as well as actually retaining information. Learning a second language is simply another way to encourage your child to learn new things.

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