In this video, you will learn about the process of installing epoxy flooring over concrete and epoxy garage floors. When you install epoxy flooring over concrete, you will come across a whole new experience. The tile floor already installed will be completely transformed into a metallic epoxy floor.

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If your floors are crying for renovation, then you definitely do not want to miss this one.
The first step is to clean the floor very well and to tape the areas around the edges and borders of the doors or windows. To complete the cleaning process, you need the blow the room out a couple of times to make sure that there is no debris left. After thoroughly cleaning, you go in for the priming process. You first get the mixture all prepared and start applying it to the floors. Next you apply all the epoxy on the floor to give it that beautiful finish. You can mix up and experiment with colors of your choice. The same process goes for the renovation of the garage with epoxy garage floors.
The final look can be matte or glossy depending on your choice. Such an amazing transformation then serves as a source of utter bliss for you.

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