Become a tattoo apprentice

If you have ever wanted to become a tattoo artist, you’ll know that there’s a few ways that you can get there. On one hand, you can search for a tattoo apprenticeship. On the other, you can go to a tattoo training school. Both have their own benefits, it really just depends on what you think fits your style. Tattoos are becoming more popular, with about 20% of American adults now having at least one. It’s the perfect time to get into the industry if it’s something you want to do.

A tattoo education is essential in order to become a tattoo artist. There are numerous things you absolutely must know before you permanently ink someone’s body. About 10% of Canadians regret their ink for some reason or another, and you don’t want your art to be the reason. People put a lot of faith and trust in you when they choose you as their artist, so training will ensure you don’t let them down.

First, you need to get trained on the basics. You’ll need to have strong drawing skills to begin. About 59% of those with tattoos are women looking for hearts and angels according to an Oxygen Media survey, so you’ll need to get those down quickly. You also need to be able to understand caring for a new tattoo, so that you can guide the people you tattoo.

Once you have the basics down, generally artists choose a specialty. For example, you could be really great at line work, or abstract designs, or maybe portraits. When you choose your specialty, you’ll spend a majority of your time perfecting it. You’ll start by practicing on skin-like practice boards before moving on to the real thing.

Tattoo artists often move on to work at awesome tattoo studios, or they may even start their own. The art of tattooing is one that many artists get better at over time, sometimes branching into new styles and art forms. It’s a great way to live a life on your terms, outside the box.

Have you ever wanted to become a tattoo artist? How will you get there?

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