Montgomery county pre kindergarten

Whether it’s clearly visible or not, your child is learning new information every minute of everyday. With the hectic lives that most adults must lead it can be difficult to give your child the attention they need and to independently structure what they’re learning.

With so many outlets for media, it’s not uncommon for a child to be placed in front of a television while their parents rush to complete even the simplest everyday tasks. Children two and under spend an average of 53 minutes a day watching television or some form of video media. In contrast, they only spent 23 minutes a day reading or having someone read to them.

Preschool programs are structured to allow children to learn in a safe and friendly environment. Without the distractions of television or computers, they can spend their time practicing skills and abilities. It’s important to structure they’re learning during child development to ensure they’re making the most of this critical phase in their lives.

At the pivotal period when kids could be involved in childhood education, they are rapidly learning how to behave and function. Between the ages of three and five, a child’s vocabulary expands from an understanding of 900 to 2,500 words. They also become better able to string coherent sentences together. An early education in these subjects could guarantee that these words are used correctly, and that the child has a better understanding of language as a whole.

An analysis of 120 separate studies found that approximately 80% of children who participated in high quality early learning programs, outperformed their peers who did not attend a preschool program or spent time at an inferior program. The better they perform at an earlier age, the more educated and quicker to learn they will be in the future.

It may be easier to drop your child off at a day care, but how can you be sure they’re in an environment that caters to their learning. The earlier they begin to learn and practice exercises, the better prepared they will be in the future and may even enjoy learning more than most children. High quality preschool programs could put your child at the top of the class before they even start school.

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