Power cords are necessary for many aspects of our lives. If you have any electrical hook-up in your home or office, you’ll be using a power cord. Though you might not understand exactly how cables are made, you know you need them. Keep reading to learn about how a custom power cord company works.

The cords are made of thin copper cords that combine together to conduct electricity from one output to an input. The copper is forced through extrusion dies to create the desired shape.

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They are then coated in a protective rubber sheath. This is done to keep users safe from electrical shock. Depending on the voltage of the cord, that can cause severe, long-term injury. Keeping your wires safe and your outlets protected is important to keep your home safe.

If your business needs custom wires, you would contact one of these businesses. This is important for people in construction who need to wire homes and commercial buildings. They’ll know what specifications they need for the amount of power being wired. Watch this video to learn more about how power cords are manufactured and processed for the public. It might give you some information you didn’t know you needed.


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