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College visiting

College admission can be a great source of angst for students. They have to worry about their Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores, keeping their grades up, and also figuring out which of 17 million private and public institutions will be right for them.

One of the most important aspects of the application process is writing a college admissions essay. SAT scores and a high school transcript are only two ways to evaluate a student, and a college admissions essay can give an admissions team a clearer vision of the student, what his or her goals are, and why he or she wants to attend a their school.

So, in addition to visiting a college and speaking with school representatives, it would be smart for students to hone in on their college essay, making it as flawless as possible.

Here are few tips on writing the essay.

    • Stand Out. Most colleges get thousands of applications every year from January to March, and weeding through them all can be an extremely tedious process. Any student that hopes to catch the attention of an admissions counselor reading his or her 300th essay, must be able to write about something that will spark interest. A boring, “I want to go to X college, because…” will likely be thrown to the bottom of the pile. Instead, students should consider writing using a more interesting style, or even about a topic that showcases their personality.
    • Get to the Point. Grand, fluffy language should be saved for a creative writing class once a student has been admitted to a college. Otherwise, it would be in the best interest of students to be as clear and concise as possible. Admissions teams want to be able to read an essay, know exactly what the point is, and get a quick idea of who the potential candidate is.
    • Check Grammar. While “LOL” and “IMO” are perfect for a Gmail chat group, or texting, they are not appropriate for an official college essay. Students will need to use grammatically correct phrases, punctuation, and wording in order to impress essay readers. Sloppy writing and several errors can reflect poorly upon students, making it seem like they simply didn’t care enough to edit their work.

So on their college admission checklist
, students should be sure to make the essay a top priority. It is one of the best ways to separate their application for undergraduate admissions from all the others. Research more like this.

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