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Religion is one of the most profound and powerful forces on the planet with an estimated 84% of the global population having some form of faith. While the faiths may be diversified, they have all developed socially as a means of answering the otherwise unanswerable, finding one’s place in the vastness of the world, and finding comfort in some sense of the divine. Religion has been criticized by many in light of recent world events; this does not make religion inherently evil however, but it does speak to the importance of properly educating one’s followers so as not to misunderstand the peace, love, and respect found at the dogma of all world religions.

Religion in America

When looking at recent demographics from the past year, we can estimate that roughly 22% of the population claim to have no religious affiliation or faith, this means that four out of every five Americans have some kind of faith. About 70% of all Americans say they are Christians: this ultimately breaks down to about 25% Evangelical Protestants; 14% Mainline Protestants; 6% Historically Black Protestants ; 20% Catholics; 1.5% Mormons; and 0.5% Orthodox Christians. Despite these figures only around 40% of all Americans say they attended worship the previous weekend with many of them saying that they have not gone to church over the past six months. Church attendance figures are dropping rapidly, so many church officials are trying to consider new approaches to preaching and teaching that will appeal to different demographics.

Keeping Religion Relevant

In an increasingly busy world, many people simply do not have the time to attend an hour long service every week — or they may be too lazy. Some of the most successful examples of youth churches in modern America are the megachurches that introduce lights, smoke effects, and music to turn Sunday church into a Sunday concert — paired with even more worship times per week, Americans find them so convenient and entertaining. While some church leaders may be quick to criticize this form of worship, it may be best to instead be inspired to make similar changes in your church. A modernized Sunday School curriculum paired with engaging Sunday School games aimed to entertain and teach children can turn Sunday School into a fun experience for children. Different genres of music that appeal to children of different age groups is essential for many churches, especially those who have adopted electric guitars rather than organs for their services. One of the best ways to communicate with today’s youth is through social media sites and updated church websites; by working with the local community church leaders can sponsor events around the city for church youth groups to attend and bond with one another as a church family.

Different Learning Approaches

As a church leader, it is your role to educate the faithful and help instill lessons that they can apply to their everyday lives. As research has shown however, different people respond better to new learning approaches. Adopting an audio-visual or PowerPoint based approach can help the congregation follow along while keeping the sermon flowing at a good pace. This is thanks to PowerPoint sermon outlines that allow you to think critically and carefully about how you want your sermon to flow; PowerPoint sermon outlines keep church leaders on track and help make for an informative, entertaining sermon. In addition, church leaders that embrace the internet will find a number of forums and notes from other leaders like themselves; this network of faith leaders helps to bring more diverse options when working on a PowerPoint sermon outline. A weekly Church PowerPoint presentation may be the best way to deliver a sermon, post hymnal lyrics, and offer bible study classes to a church audience willing to learn. The best part is that you can post your PowerPoint sermon outline and presentation online so interested attendees who missed the class can follow along at home. A few modernized adjustments could be just the thing to increase attendance numbers and truly let the Word reach the ears of the faithful.

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