Choosing child care

Corporate childcare is a special form of corporate daycare managed or sponsored by an employer. They are on-site childcare facilities that are sponsored by companies and are for the exclusive use of their employees. Corporate childcare might be a perk or a part of the corporate social responsibility policy of the company. The working parents may be provided with the opportunity to find a work and life balance. The corporations sponsor corporate childcare as it may increase employee decrease maternity leave, improve loyalty, and improve on-job concentration.

Many employer sponsored childcare services are run by independent contractors. They staff the corporate childcare with their own employees. Many working parents face the challenges of inappropriate schedules, the lack of free places in public pre-schools, expensive private day care and preschools, low quality of services or little time being spent with their child. The corporate childcare programs intend to address these issues with childcare in the workplace. Such a program deal with the following:

* More time to spend with their children
* The employer provides childcare places for children
* The employer can cover expenses or share them with the parents
* The timetable is adjusted to the parents working hours
* There is better quality due to ongoing education, teachers’ development and recruitment

According to a Child Care Aware of America report, putting two children into childcare exceeds the median yearly rent payments in all 50 states. Employers usually help parents pay for daycare services by subsidizing the cost of corporate childcare facilities. Corporate daycare actually aids in the retention of current employees and daycare is desirable to potential employees as well. In fact, according to Working Mothers magazine’s “Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers,” over 80 of the companies offer some form of corporate childcare for employees.

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