In manufacturing, some items require unique metal wire pieces with unique specifications. These are not pre-existing items, and therefore require custom wire forming. While it may seem hopeless to find the particular metal wire piece you require, there are companies out there that are equipped to provide you with just the part you need.

There are companies that make custom wire products for whatever your wire needs may be. They can create wire forms using wire forming tools, and can match any specifications you require.

Not just metal springs, these wire forms are typically parts made from round wire that are bent to have specific angles and lengths. Most springs typically have a helix or spiral shape, consisting of a group of coils, while wire forms usually do not.

Custom wire forming is used for a number of different items, in a number of different uses. There are custom wire forms, steel spring clips, wire S hooks, J hooks and U hooks, and much more.

Wire forms can be manufactured from a variety of different materials. The most commonly used materials are stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and hard drawn, but they can be made from others as well.

Wire forming companies can also help with other tasks involving your customized form. for example, they can stress relieve, heat treat, shot peen, tumble, plate, powder coat, passivate, electropolish, dye or paint, and plastic coat the piece. They can assemble the form into its mating part, and can even special package them to avoid tangling.

For all the ins and outs of manufacturing, there are many specific pieces that must be just so in order to create the perfect final product. While the unique wire piece your product requires may seen too unique and impossible to make, you may be surprised. Wire forming companies are able to create wire forms to the most precise of specifications, to fulfill a whole variety of needs.

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