M.a in adult education

A lot of people will try and tell you that college isn’t worth it. Don’t believe them. They will use the student debt debate, which is valid, but as long as the person is responsible outside of college, they will be able to handle their debt, and be much better off.

Everyone’s situation is different; you might be a single mom raising four kids who wants to be more financially secure, a full-time working father who wants more money for his family, a young person a few years out of high school who never gave college a chance, or a person near retirement who wishes to expand their knowledge. Adult education can change anyone’s life for the better.

Pew Research did a report in 2012, showing that employees with a bachelors degree had a median annual earning of $45,500. That is much higher than the median annual earnings for employees with only some college education or only a high school diploma. Workers with only some education outside of high school earned a median annual earning of $30,000; while workers with only a high school diploma earned a median annual earning of $28,000.

No matter your financial situation, going back to college can improve your quality of life. It’s never too late. Going back to school and getting a bachelors degree can change your life. On average, someone with a bachelors degree has a starting salary of around $45,000. Someone could be struggling to provide for their family for years off of only a high school diploma, but if they went back and got their bachelors degree or masters degree, they will be much more financially secure.

Of all the people who have went back to school to continue their education, 83% of them said earning their degree has “paid off.” Continuing your education can improve your life tremendously and you should never get discouraged.

Maybe you struggled in high school or your first time at college; but you are much more responsible and determined now. Don’t feel like it’s ever too late to go back to school. It could better your family’s financial situation and change your life for the better.

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