Choosing childcare

According to a study by Child Care Aware of America, the cost of putting two children in childcare exceeds the median annual rent payments in every state. For parents wondering how to find a good daycare, this is likely a frustrating statistics: with the majority of parents acting as members of the nation’s workforce, finding childcare options for working parents is a necessary but difficult process. Fortunately, thanks to the increase in employer sponsored childcare, there may be a solution for these parents and their children: corporate childcare.

The daycare movement originated in the 19th century, which was responsible for a variety of welfare and reform movements. Since then, millions of children have spent some time being cared for by day care providers: according to national statistics, more than 80% of children spend some time in childcare by the age of four. Moreover, government research shows that 23% of working parents employ “multiple arrangements” for childcare, which appears to be an increasingly common option. This statistic suggests that due to the lack of affordable childcare, many parents are struggling with the question of how to find a good daycare that doesn’t compromise their income.

Fortunately, corporate childcare offers a potential solution to this problem: by offering onsite childcare centers run by independent contractors, employers provide their workers with a conveniently-located childcare option. The costs of these onsite centers are often subsidized by the company, making it a more affordable option for many parents. However, corporate childcare solutions also offer a number of benefits to employers: it has the potential to increase employee loyalty, decrease maternity leaves, and improve on-job concentration. For this reason, many companies are choosing to invest in corporate childcare as an incentive that can help motivate and retain current employees, as well as attract new ones. If you are tired of wondering how to find a good daycare that you can afford, try a new approach: talk to you employer or employees about corporate daycare.

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