Not all educational experiences look the same. And while the majority of us attended neighborhood public elementary and middle schools, and high schools, there are some students who this traditional educational setting is not a perfect fit. In fact, in many parts of the country there is a growing need for an alternative to public high schools. Tapping into public educational funds through a charter school system or relying on parents to pay tuition at a private high school, there are many options of an alternative to public high school that might be the perfect fit for some students.

From accelerated charter high schools for the most gifted students to alternative programs for high school dropouts at the other end of the spectrum, there are some educators who are attempting to meet the needs of these students who are in need of special kinds of programs. In a time when growing college debt is a concern for so many, it is indeed important to make sure that the latest options for an alternative to public high school also address career readiness concerns.

Finding the Right School Is Key to a Successful Future

Whether you are a first time parent or a veteran, it is always an anxious time when the beginning of a new school year rolls around. Knowing that your son or daughter will find a good fit is important as education is the first major stepping stone to students finding a way this rather complicated world. Fortunately, there are options for an alternative to public high schools if the traditional classroom does not work. In any educational setting, however, there are three key components to success: teachers, students, and educational philosophies.
Teachers. Key to any educational setting, the teacher sets the tone for how a classroom runs and how students are treated. In a time when the academic expectations in classrooms are so high it is obviously important to have an instructor who is well versed in content. It is also important, however, to know that the instructors who are in the rooms with today’s students are also aware of the human connections that are necessary to succeed in this world. Not over domineering and certainly not too friendly, the very best teachers spend their time not only teaching content, but also building relationships with learners, ultimately modeling the kind of relationships that are needed in today’s society.
Students. the best classrooms are filled with an interesting mix of students from different socio economic backgrounds who come to school with a variety of life experiences. Students will never learn all that they are capable of achieving if they only spend time with other students who are too much alike. Unfortunately, there are many times in many cities in the country where this kind of diversity is not encouraged and is actually stifled. In the places where magnet schools specialize in programs that attract students from more diverse backgrounds are able to combat this problem. Even when it comes time to selecting an alternative high school, however, it is important that parents are looking for student experiences that will enhance the learning environment, instead of selecting a school that does not provide these diversities.

Educational Philosophies. From Montessori high schools to career readiness centers, there are many kinds of educational environments that help students reach the level of independence that they will need to face their future. And even as some districts work to expand their International Baccaulerate programs or to add a Senior Capstone Research component, there are still many other opportunities that might provide the right kind of educational experience for different individual students.

When you realize that a high school dropout will earn $200,000 less than a high school graduate over his or her lifetime, it is especially important to find the right high school experience for every child. And this statistic from is just one more reason that there are some groups who are working to develop credit recovery school settings so that more young adults will earn a high school diploma. Finding the perfect fit for your child is increasingly important in today’s world.

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