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If you are wondering how to start a culinary arts career, you are on the verge of joining an industry on the rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, culinary jobs are in demand, with an expected 9% field growth between 2014-2024.

But what happens if you invest your time and money at one of our nations culinary schools or baking and pastry colleges, bust to decide that you don?t want a career in the kitchen after all. We have a few jobs that might be right for you.


One of the key things you learn in culinary school is how to recognize a wide array of flavors and appreciate the interesting ways they go together.
If at the end of your education, you discover you love flavor but you can?t take the heat of the kitchen, working as a sommelier is a great career path.
A sommelier is, in the most basic sense, the wine sales expert. In practice, though, a sommelier does so much more. They completely plan the restaurants wine list, as well as educating the servers and bartenders about what wine and wine paring. During dinner service, they visit each table, selling and serving high end wine and working in support of the restaurant?s general sales goals.

Front of House Manager

If you like the fact pace and noise of the kitchen, but find that you wanted more interaction with the customers, then you could consider a career working as a front of house manager.
A front of house manager oversees the servers, bartenders, maitre?D and anyone who directly interacts with the guests. That means they spend a great deal of time handling customer?s problems and problem customers. But you are also the person who gets to receive all the complements from satisfied guests.


If you like working with high quality meat than a career as a butcher might be the right choice for you. You can take the knowledge about different cuts of meat and take it to the next level in this artisanal career.

If none of these careers seem right for you, know that just because you started down one road doesn?t mean you can?t change directions. If you find yourself wanting a more stable work environment then keep in mind technical colleges or ac school.

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