The Pros and Cons of At Work Daycare

Solutions for corporate childcare

Full time parents have a hard time looking for childcare, sometimes. There are a lot of childcare options for working parents but finding a daycare can many times still be difficult because it’s hard to find a find a place where you can leave your children and not worry about them, trusting that they’ll be completely okay all day.

That’s where corporate daycare comes in. This is when the child care is located in the same building as the work place. However, as ideal as this sounds, there can be some disadvantages. First, let’s cover the benefits.

  1. Parents will feel much better that their little one is somewhere close by, being taken care of people that they know and trust. Having the children to far away can be quite disconcerting for parents so knowing you share a building with your little ones will be very comforting and allow the parents to focus more on their work without distraction. These parents will be become happier therefore more productive employees.

  2. Corporate daycare will reduce employees with children having to call in because of child care issues. Many times employees have to take the day off or leave early because of a babysitter not being able to be there or having to leave the children before the parent is off work and the parent is not able to find someone else to cover the babysitting at such short notice.

  3. The daycare would have easy access to the parents should they be needed for anything in an emergency. This not only is helpful for the day care itself but comforting to the parents.

  4. Cost beneficial for both the work place and the parents. Parents would probably pay less than they would anywhere else but the work place could earn a profit from the corporate day care.

Now the disadvantages:

  1. By having corporate daycare there is a possibility that instead of helping the parents focus it could prove more distracting than anything resulting in to many non productive minutes while the parents slip away to check on the children.

  2. Having a daycare could change the atmosphere of the workplace in a good or a bad way. It could make it more family oriented but it always has the danger of causing a more child friendly environment which can, at times, end up being fairly unprofessional.

  3. The costs of an employer sponsored day care could be cost effective but not budgeted or ran correctly, could end up meaning added costs that were otherwise unnecessary.

So, as you can see, solutions for corporate childcare is not always what we think it is at first. There are definitely pros and cons about it. Your company and your employees are what will determine whether an at work daycare is the best option for your company.

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