Four Reasons to Choose Private Schools Over Public Schools

Private elementary schools

One of the biggest first decisions that many parents struggle to make for their young children is that of private versus public schools. Deciding where to send your children to school when they are young can set the stage for the rest of their educational careers. While there are certainly advantages to both, many believe that the benefits of private schools are greater than those of public schools for a number of reasons. Some of the advantages of private schools include:

  1. More Individual Attention – One thing that attracts many parents to a private school education for their children is that they often receive more attention from teachers due to overall smaller class size. Students in private schools often have a better chance to get one-on-one time with teachers to have questions answered and get help when it is needed. Many public school classes can have 40 or more students, making it difficult for students to seek out help with homework and classwork. By being in a smaller class, students have more opportunities to participate and engage in the subject they are learning.
  2. Strict Graduation Requirements – Another benefit of private schools is that most have stricter graduation requirements than public schools. This means a more demanding curriculum throughout a child’s secondary education, which many believe makes these students more competitive when it comes time to apply for college. A heavy curriculum can also help prepare students for the greater workload they will experience once they get to college.
  3. Religious Affiliation – Families with strong religious ties often want their children to go through an education system that is integrated with their personal religious beliefs. A majority of private schools have a religious affiliation, and there are private schools affiliated with nearly every religion you could think of. Since religion is not allowed in the public school system, many parents choose to send their children to a faith-based private school instead.
  4. Private School Grants – While private schools are undoubtedly expensive, many offer private school grants to students who may need financial help in order to pay for tuition. Private school scholarships are typically offered by the school itself, although there are also a number of organizations and philanthropists who provide private schools grants to children who come from underprivileged communities.

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