In this video, you will learn about web hosting. A server is basically a powerful computer that is kept in a highly secure, purpose-built, heavy facility called a datacenter. The datacentre provides the necessary power and network connectivity with temperature control, backup & fire suppression systems and high levels of physical security.

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Security is also important at the server level so the server is built with things like dual parts for critical components like hard disks so there is no single point of failure. So when you order a hosting service what you’re ordering is the physical disk space on one of the servers as well as the bandwidth which is the network connection to the server. Most of the hosting is advertised in terms of Disk space and Bandwidth and is measured in gigabytes like 5GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth. Disk space protects your website files and helps your databases with things like your emails. Some other features that are cool about web hosting are things like data back up. This ensures that your emails always get through. If you are with one hosting company but you want to switch over, considering to host your own server is always a good plan.

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