If you are preparing for the real estate license test or you are a consumer that just wants to understand real estate listings this is the video for you. Most people, unless they are in the industry do not understand the different types of real estate listings. Most people think of these types of listings as a simple agreement between a real estate professional and the property owner.

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The fact is there are different types of listings that you will need to know about for the real estate license test and you should know if you plan on buying or selling a home.

This video is a tutorial that breaks down the different types of listings, how brokers are paid a commission for the different types of listings, and gives you some real-world examples. The presenter goes over various complications that can crop up because of the variances in listings. This short video is chockful of information that is easy to understand thanks to the examples that are used. Watch the video now to learn all about listings.


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