Body piercing apprenticeship

Tattoo artists are some of the most in-demand professionals today. With tattoos more popular than ever — about one in five adults in the U.S. has at least one tattoo of his or her own — demand for high-quality, professionally-performed tattoos is steadily growing.

So if you’re thinking of becoming an apprentice tattoo artist as a way to get into this dynamic, quickly-growing field, you’ve made a good choice. But when there is no formal education system for those who want to learn to tattoo, it can be tough to know where to begin your new career path.

Many aspiring tattoo artists turn to tattoo schools and colleges as a way to get the training they need for success in the tattoo industry. If you think this is the right option for you, it’s important to be sure you go to the school that will give you the training you need. To get you started on your search, here’s a list of the top three most essential traits of the best tattoo schools:

A thorough art education

To develop your ability to design and apply tattoos, you’ll want a high-quality education in various forms of art. The best tattoo colleges will teach you the basics of drawing, painting, design principles and more. Before you give a tattoo to a real person, you’ll likely practice by tattooing thick-skinned fruits like grapefruits and oranges.

Programs in bloodborne pathogens and sanitation

Many tattoo shops require you to acquire certification in both bloodborne pathogens and sanitary practices. This is because tattooing involves using needles on clients — needles that come into contact with their blood. To prevent health problems and diseases from spreading among your clients, it’s vital to understand how to properly sterilize your equipment, as well as how to dispose of contaminated objects.

Placement services in tattoo apprenticeships

It’s virtually impossible to find work as a tattoo artist without first completing an apprenticeship with an experienced artist. Because of this, you should seek out tattoo colleges that offer assistance with finding apprenticeships to help give your career the kick-start it needs.

Want to know more about the best tattoo apprenticeship programs around the country? Feel free to ask anything about tattoo colleges and schools in the comments below.

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