In the United States, more information is being released which shows that public schools aren’t teaching students as well as they should be. With low-funded school systems, teachers that are overworked and poorly paid, and student/teacher ratios being rather high (a ratio of 16.1 in 2013), it seems that the public school system just can’t support children the way they should be. For parents that are concerned about their children, especially for those that are nearing their introduction into the American public school system, you should know that there are better options available.

One of the foremost education programs that is proving to be beneficial towards American children are Montessori schools. Montessori schools, of which there are currently 8,000 of in the U.S., are child-centered school systems that specialize educational programs towards children based upon scientific observations. The primary point of Montessori school systems is understanding that the child is unique in their own right, that they are eager to learn, all under the right circumstances. This varies from public schools, which will render educational programs based primarily off of textbooks and mandated programming, and for the fact that these programs tend to be much smaller than public schools, allowing for greater communication between students and teachers (the ratio of student/teacher being lower than public schools, at 12.2 as of 2013).

For parents with younger children, there are Montessori options available, with the likes of preschool and daycare. There has recently been a Danville Montessori school opening for enrollment, Learn and Play Montessori School, which will feature programs designed for younger children. These programs will work towards introducing children to educational ideas through hands-on learning processes, such as basic math, phonics, expressive language, and basic science and geography.

Similarly, these programs will help to watch your kids while you will be out of the home and unable to watch them. But, these Montessori programs will prove to be better than basic daycare and preschool programs since they will be actively working to watch the development of your child, all while educating them. Rather than working as a system to monitor your children and ensuring that they will be active throughout the day, this Learn and Play program helps to keep your children attentive, giving them particular activities to further develop themselves mentally, all while watching their progress and further focusing attention on their overall betterment.

As a parent, your child is an amazing thing. Rather than giving them the basic sort of education, help ensure that they are engaged from the very start, setting a standard to come.

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