In this video, you’ll see the how selling biologic dental office is significant and can provide you tons of benefits.
Conflict of interest arises when an agent represents both the buyer and the seller. In the event that you are selling your biologic dental office for free and the buyer is footing the bill for your agent, you aren’t getting the best of care.

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It’s a sure-fire method to miss out on the greatest possible deals if you keep your practice closed off from the general public.
Your practice’s performance will be scrutinized by potential buyers during the selling process, and in certain situations, a price reduction has been requested to reflect a decrease in turnover. Until contracts are exchanged, ‘business as usual’ is the slogan.
Preparation is key when it comes to selling a dental office, so have all of your contracts, warranties, and permits in order as soon as possible. You’ll have plenty of time to address any issues that arise. Leasehold practices must be evaluated early on to avoid deal-breakers, which are the most common cause of transactions to fall apart.
When contemplating an offer from a large corporation, keep in mind that they may have a strong interest in being too cautious with their assessment. You’d never let a potential buyer choose the price of your home.
To find out the details about biologic dental office sale, watch the full video.

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