Student housing programs

College: it may seem like the least sensical place to stash away money. There are so many fun activities to spend money on. There are so few opportunities to earn money. And, of course, if you are like many United States college students, you are sinking far into debt. However, none of these should deter you from saving. After all, when you graduate, if you want to have the freedom to move wherever a great job is, you’ll need moving expenses. And if you want to dress for success in your first round of interviews, you’ll need a great suit. So here are the small things you can do to stash little bits of money away.
Get out of Student Housing
Whether is campus student housing such a dormitories or student rentals owned by slum lords across the street, it’s all a waste of money. Real estate management companies know that students are operating on inflated budgets and when they are looking for an apartment, they spend accordingly. When you are looking for an apartment, remember that you college does not exist in a vacuum. Find the nearest area where non-college affiliated people live and see if there is a space for you there. You won’t be far away and you can save the difference in rent for when you graduate. Finding an apartment that is away from the student zone may take a little more research but it will certainly pay off.
Recycle Everything
And not just because it’s green-friendly. Need to decorate your place? Use the bottle from that wine you got your mom for Mother’s Day. Need to spruce up your wardrobe? Find a friend who wants to as well and you can swap clothes. The biggest thing to understand is that your tastes will change so quickly after college that anything you purchase now is very temporary. There is not reason to invest or spend money on the material things.
Drink in rather than Out
House parties will never be the same again! I know that now that you are 21, its tempting to just hit up all the cool new places. However, rest assured that bars will be there to take your money for the rest of your life. On the other hand, house parties will be much fewer in your future. Love them while you can! Also, when you are looking for an apartment, think about its hosting power. Can you get people to come to your place to have a good time? This could be one way to save on going out.

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