Before selecting a current sensor, watch this video. It discusses different current sensors and how to choose the right one. It also looks at the pros and cons of each current sensor. Enthusiasts building electronic projects can also learn about the parameters to consider.

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A current sensor measures the electronic current along a wire, which can be AC and/or DC. There are different types of sensors. Each of these sensors has its own characteristics that define its purpose. For project builders, it’s essential to be familiar with these characteristics. There are a few things budding project builders should look at. For example, what is the current range of the sensor? This indicates the maximum current the sensor can measure. You need to know what you would like to measure. Then you can select the best current sensor for the job.

Another point to consider is the input voltage. This is the voltage that’s needed to power the device. Consider the temperature range the sensor will operate in. Each sensor has an ideal operating temperature range. Your sensor will become damaged if used outside this range. There are additional tips in the video.

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