Schools are committed to the all-round progress and development of their students. This means that they provide numerous services that go beyond classroom education. These services meet student needs for health screenings, career guidance, speech therapy etc. While it can be increasingly difficult for school staffing to keep up with these services, many institutions have found the ideal solution by hiring outside professionals for vision and hearing screenings, counseling, nursing and other services. This ensures that students receive the best care and guidance, and also helps schools stay within budget.

Student focused school services
Most schools offer services for like health screenings and education, careers guidance, counseling, speech therapy etc. in addition to their educational mission. In fact, as many as 50% of school staff in public schools are not teachers but nurses, speech therapists and guidance counselors. The recommended student-to-counselor ratio is 250:1, according to the American School Counselor Association.
However, providing the best services for their students can be financially challenging for many institutions. One solution that many schools have adopted is to hire outside professionals for specific tasks, instead of hiring full time staff for functions like vision and hearing screenings. These trained specialists can provide the best care and guidance for students. This solution also keeps costs within the school budget plan, without the need for hiring new full time staff.

The importance of health screenings
Hearing and vision screenings are an important service that schools provide. They became all the more important because children may not be undergoing such screenings as part of their regular health care routines. For example, one study found that as many as 79% of the children had not seen an eye care provider within the past year. School-age children spend over 3 hours every day on various electronic devices, according to over 40% of parents surveyed. This means there is great potential for vision and hearing loss in the future.
These problems can be prevented if they are identified in time. If the vision problems affecting 25% of school children could have been identified in time through regular screenings, they could have been treated properly, according to the National Commission on Vision and Health. Regular screenings at school can help to identify problems early enough to be treated effectively.

Keeping school staffing within budget
By hiring outside professionals for tasks like health screenings and guidance counseling, school can provide necessary and quality services for their students. These qualified professionals have the training and skills needed, as well as knowledge of the latest developments in their respective fields. Their services help schools meet their staffing needs without having to hire new full time staff.

By hiring outside professionals, schools can contribute to development and well-being of their students. This solution to school staffing needs also helps those institutions that are on a budget to provide quality care and guidance to their students.

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