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After much research, you have decided to enroll your child in a private school program. There are many advantages to a private school education including smaller class sizes, more academic resources, and safer schools. In many cases, the workload and academic expectations are greater in a private school educational setting. As a parent of a private school student, it is important that you assist and support your child in the following ways.

Be involved with the school
The best way to know what is going on at school is to always be involved. Most schools offer many opportunities to get involved. You can offer to volunteer for sporting events, act as a student assistant, or keep in constant communication with your child?s teachers. It is best to be aware of any problems or concerns before they get out of hand. That way, you can create a plan to correct them. There are many advantages of private school programs and the ability to be fully involved in your child?s education is one of them.

Get to know your child?s teachers
Your child?s teachers will play an important role in developing their academic and social skills. Typically 60 to 80% of private school teachers will have an advanced degree. This, however, does not mean that they don?t need your help in other ways. Getting to know your child?s teachers can significantly improve the benefits of private education. They can inform you of academic struggles that you can assist your child with. You can also assist your teacher?s ability to further their success by knowing what they need. Teachers often need help gathering supplies like paper, books, and writing tools. If you are in a position to help in any of these ways, it can be very beneficial not only for your child, but the other students in the classroom.

Provide them with the supplies they need
Every parent has gotten that dreaded school supply list. The list is often very long and it can get expensive, especially when you factor in tuition rates that you are already paying. Local private school is no different and they are likely to have a long list of required supplies. That list might also include optional supplies. If possible, getting your child everything on the list can be helpful to their academic success. If you notice another child struggling to get the needed supplies, donations can be helpful. Approximately 87% of private schools have fewer than 300 students, so you will find that you personally get to know your child?s classmates.

Dedicate time each night to homework
Because the best private middle schools and other private school educational programs place a high priority on academic success, it is important that your child is dedicated. You will set the tone for this dedication and instill into them how important regular study is. In order to keep up with the high expectations of a private school curriculum, you will want to set aside some time every night for studying and homework. Try to make yourself available during this time, in the event that your child needs any help. Also, it is important to know when your child?s academic lessons go beyond your abilities and it is time to hire a tutor. You might be able to help with an elementary school curriculum, but require a tutor at the high school private school educational level.

Private schools are becoming more popular than ever. Currently, they account for 25% of the nation?s schools and enroll 10% of all PK to 12 grade students. If your child is currently attending a private school, or you are considering sending them to a private school, make sure you are giving them an environment that fosters success. Private schools can be more demanding and the parent plays an important assistive role in being successful.

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