In this video, you will learn about double vision therapy. Double vision or diplopia is where you are seeing two separate of the same view. There can be some serious medical issues that cause this.

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Strabismus is where one eye turns inward in some fashion. People can experience double vision from this. If your eye turns outward, you could also experience double vision. Most people’s eyes do not naturally sit forward. Most people’s eyes when they are tired want to drift to the side. This could cause you to see double vision, too. There are a lot of vision therapies that can treat this. Thyroid eye disease can cause double vision. Basically, thyroid issues can cause your cells to attack themselves. It can also affect the eyes and push them forward. This gives the eyes that bugged outlook. The muscles in your eyes can swell, making you see verticle double vision. Medical eye professionals can see this eye disease early. Some people might have to go under surgery to reduce the swelling of the optic nerve. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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