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In a time of teacher shortages, low test scores, and national testing mandates that seem to steal away important educational hours, it should come as no surprise that an increasing number of families are looking toward accredited online schools. In an attempt to make the best use of their child’s time, in fact, many parents turn to accredited online schools to meet the needs of their children and their families. As a solution for families of children with special learning personalities or for families with complex schedules, for instance, an accredited online school provides by academic assurance and flexibility.
Online learning experiences are increasingly popular in cities where the public schools struggle to succeed. For families who have always believed in home schooling and self paced learning, online educational opportunities are often a great solution to supplement the good things that are already happening.
Education, like almost nothing else in today’s world, is something that most people feel they know a lot about. Simply because we all have a shared educational history, many parents have very strong feelings about the education that they want their children to have. Creating a personalized experience for a teenager, for instance, can help a parent feel good about the educational opportunities that they are offering their children, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls that many struggling students face.
Both Advanced and Struggling Students Can Benefit from Accredited Online Schools

High school diplomas are necessary in today’s world. Unfortunately, getting through high school so that the even more important college diploma can be attained can seem like an insurmountable challenge for some students. For families who have children who excel at school, but do not fit well into the typical classroom, an online education can be a real opportunity. Being able to take only the classes that are needed for a diploma is a great option. Virtual high schools also offer the academic challenges without the sometimes stressful social situations that cause some students to fail.
Online classes also offer an opportunity for students who struggle to take a class at their own pace. Personalized learning opportunities allow students to learn what they need to know at their own pace.

  • For the majority of students in American, a traditional high school may be a great educational opportunity. If, however, you have a family that does a lot of traveling or if you have a student who does not find success in traditional classrooms, an accredited online high school may be the perfect solution.
  • In at ime when parents are looking for the best educational experience for children of all ages, it may come as no surprise that the Evergreen Education Group estimates 5% of K-12 students take an online or blended course.
  • Never give up. If your student is struggling in the traditional neighborhood school, know that they are many other educational opportunities available.
  • During the 2013 to 2014 academic year, 33 states had full-time virtual schools and 16 states had blended schools.
  • In a blended education, students get part of their education in a traditional classroom, but take some classes online.
  • No two students are exactly alike. For this reason, traditional classrooms do not work for everyone.
  • Going on trips around the world is a great educational opportunity, but not one that lends itself well to regular classrooms.

  • Succeeding in high school often means finding a way to locate classes that are at the right level. Some of the most gifted students find that they are not challenged in some public high schools.
  • Until your student is both happy and thriving, it can seem like school is not the way it should be.
  • Classes that are offered online continue to grow in popularity. In fact, in the latest Global Shapers Survey, 77.84% of world wide respondents reported having taken online courses.
  • Can you afford to waste your child’s educational years in a school that does not work?
  • Estimates indicate that 40.5% of respondents say online education is as strong as traditional learning in a classroom.
  • Student to teacher ratios continue to increase. In fact, most public and private schools have an average of one teacher to 25 or even 30 students, meaning a teacher?s time and attention are limited at best.
  • School has to be a priority, but not every single education looks the same.

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