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We hear much in the news about education reform, and what we can do to improve education for all children. Many parents are re-thinking the role and relevance of private schools and how they can make a difference in their children’s academic success. Parents are giving private academies high marks in helping students excel in the classroom and in life too.

So what makes private schools more attractive over their district run traditional counterparts for a growing number of parents? Private schools generally have less students and smaller class sizes, which give teachers a better chance to work one-on-one with pupils. Students who might be struggling in math or science can get extra attention to overcome those challenges. In a study released by the Fraser Institute in 2007, 91 percent of parents say the personal commitment and dedication of private school teachers was a major reason for selecting a private school over a public school for their child.

Private schools create an environment for which each student has an equal chance of success in the classroom. In some private academies, students often share similar values and even dress alike in uniforms. These two factors can reduce peer pressure which can impact school performance. Some parents feel a private middle school or private high school offers a more supportive and nurturing atmosphere for the adolescent or teenage years.

Not only do private schools prepare students to excel in academics, but they also promote extracurricular activities and athletics, such as high school basketball and other popular sports. Parents of preschool children believe that private kindergarten schools can build a better foundation for success in early learners. In fact, children who attend preschool do 21% better on math and reading tests in kindergarten than peers who do not attend. The success in math and reading for these preschoolers should continue into the elementary, middle and high school years.

School safety is a big concern for many parents. According to the Fraser Institute, 72% of parents feel their children are safe in a private school setting. So if you are a parent seeking alternative and non-traditional ways to education your child, you might want to consider a private school. Students do better in class, have more access to their teachers and are challenged in a safe environment.

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