The first porta potty was invented in 1965 by George A Kraus. He saw a need to provide porta potty rentals all throughout the country. It was his sincere desire to provide these portable toilets to his customers and to make sure they were able to get exactly what they needed out of providing the portable toilets to people who requested them and who required them.

The portable toilets that are seen around today are far different from the primitive portable toilets that Kraus first created. They have been engineered to be more effective for all people who might use them.

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On top of this, there are a lot of people who have decided that they need toilets designed for handicapped individuals and more. You can even get air-conditioned units now.

Portable toilets continue to be a mainstay on construction sites and at outdoor events where there are no other toilets available. This is important to note because there are so many situations when a portable toilet might become essential to have available in those scenarios. Think carefully about this so that you are able to get a porta potty rental Pensacola, FL residents count on. Find a rental company in your area today!


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